Who doesn’t love a good travel hack? Keep a few, simple tips and tricks in mind, and you can instantly upgrade any holiday!

If you’re looking for way to enhance your travelling experience, read on to discover our 8 Essential Travel Hacks You Should Know Before Your Next Holiday.

1. Stick to one airline

If you always book with the same airline group, you’ll quickly rack up the frequent flyer points. Not only will this lead to discounts on future flights, you’ll also unlock access to the lounge or be permitted to check more luggage as you advance to the next level. It may take time to reap the rewards, but it’s certainly something worth working towards.

2. Opt for group accommodation to save money

For those travelling with family or friends, a group apartment is the most cost-effective form of accommodation. Rent a two-bedroom beachfront apartment for the week, and you’ll enjoy resort access for a fraction of the price.

3. Organise a staycation or weekend trip

You don’t have to go far or travel for weeks to enjoy a holiday! Choose a close destination and get away for the weekend, or find accommodation nearby and view your city from a tourist’s perspective.

4. Customise your adventure

Just because there are iconic tourist spots where you’re headed doesn’t mean you need to check them out. If you’re not a museum person, skip the museum! Do the activities you enjoy most and you’ll have a far more enjoyable holiday.

5. Use a travel card

If you’re travelling out of the country, minimise the conversion rates by signing up for a travel debit card. You can load your funds in the desired currency onto the card online, making it easy to budget for your trip and see exactly how much you’ll have to spend ahead of time.

6. Pack lightly

We can never stress this enough! With light bags, it’s easier to get around, decide what to wear in the morning, and unlikely you’ll have to pay excess baggage fees. Plus, you’ll have room to bring items back if you spot a great sale while on holiday.

7. Keep a journal

It may seem tedious at the time, but you’ll be thankful years later for the travel records you’ve kept. You’ll have great recommendations to give others, remember those hilarious travel stories, and recall which places you can skip if you return to the same place a decade from now.

8. Use social media to score deals

Many restaurants and attractions offer discounts to those who “check in” online or like their Facebook page. Discount codes are often posted on social media accounts or sent out through email subscriptions, so browse a business’s accounts before booking to see if there are any current offers available.

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